12 Important Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake

By: JeffreyThurber

12 Important Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Congratulations! Now, you’re busy planning your dream wedding. There are so many choices to make. How can you choose the perfect wedding cake? Wedding cakes come with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, fillings, and decorations. It’s understandable that selecting a wedding cake style can be as daunting as choosing a suit or dress.

You don’t have to worry. We’ve compiled 12 fantastic tips to help you find the perfect wedding cake design that suits your wedding style.

Be careful when designing

After you have planned your wedding, choose your cake. While you might think you know the exact style and type of wedding dress that you want, try it on before you make a decision. When they try on the dresses, many people have second thoughts about their choice of wedding dress style. This could make a big difference in the style and look of your wedding.

You should not make your choice about the wedding cake until you have finalized the dress and chosen the venue. You will then be clear about what style of wedding cake will work best for your event.

Give yourself plenty of time

Wedding cakes can be complicated and should be ordered at least a few weeks in advance. You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to order a wedding cake. It’s a sure way to be disappointed.


Wedding cakes are not cheap. Research is key to finding the right wedding cake for you. Your wedding cake can be served as dessert during the wedding breakfast, if you have a tight budget. This will allow you to save money and avoid paying for the catering service. The savings you make on desserts can be used to increase your wedding cake budget and make it a real show-stopper.

Find your cake baker

It is essential to choose the right wedding cake designer. It doesn’t matter if they have been recommended, it is important to look at their past work before you decide to hire them to create your cake. Every wedding cake maker will have their specialties, which can range from traditional to more unusual cakes.

Do your research, and contact your preferred cake maker to schedule a consultation. You will be able to view examples of past cakes. A skilled cake maker will help you decide on the right design for your wedding.

Pick YOUR favorite flavors

Friends and family shouldn’t pressure you into picking the cakes they like over the ones that you prefer. Your wedding is your big day, and your cake should reflect this love.

Taste test

You should taste test the flavours of your wedding cakes, especially if this baker is new to you. You want your wedding cake taste just as delicious as it looks.


It may be worth considering having one or two layers of cake, or even a smaller version for those with food allergies. This is especially important for wedding cakes that are used as dessert courses.

To check the color coordination, take a swatch

Make sure you take some samples of ribbons and decorations when you meet with your cake designer. Photographs of your venue and the dress to ensure that your wedding cake is perfectly matched.

You can top it off with something extra

It is important to carefully consider what topper to choose for your wedding cake. It is, after all, the crowning glory on the wedding cake. It should be a representation of you and your spouse. Wedessence suggests that you choose a cake topper that tells your story. Wedessence shares more great tips on choosing a cake topper.

Match your cake to the number of guests

How many wedding cakes do you really need? Do not order a large cake for a small wedding. It will just end up being thrown away. The size of your wedding cake should reflect how many people will be attending. It is possible to save the top tier for an Anniversary Celebration or a Christening cake.

Make sure you choose the right icing for your weather

Choose weather-appropriate frosting for your wedding cake. While chocolate butter icing is your favorite, it won’t last as long if you get married on a Greek shore during the heights of summer.

Have a detailed delivery plan

Professional wedding cake bakers will often offer a delivery and setup service. This is both a cost-saving and time-saving option. If you plan to collect your wedding cake yourself you will need the appropriate packaging. You should also get some advice about how to put the tiers together.