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Born out of a love for lace and a passion for petals, EventWedding.us began as the dream of a group of wedding aficionados determined to demystify the journey down the aisle. Today, we are a cherished resource for couples worldwide, providing insights, guidance, and inspiration for the day they say “I do.”

Our Mission

We are on a mission to simplify the complex, beautify the basics, and bring a sense of ease and wonder to wedding planning. Our site is a tribute to love’s grandeur, offering a carefully curated trove of tips, trends, and tales to ensure every couple’s journey to the altar is as unique as their love story.

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  • Inclusivity: Love knows no bounds, and neither do we. We celebrate every culture, orientation, and expression of love.
  • Innovation: We stay at the forefront of wedding trends, technology, and ideas to ensure you have the latest information at your fingertips.
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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Personal Touch: We understand that weddings are personal, and we treat your plans with the care and customization they deserve.
  • Community Focus: Our vibrant community is the heartbeat of our platform, where shared experiences enrich every visitor’s planning process.
  • Expert Perspectives: Our contributors are industry experts, offering professional insights with a personal flair.

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