Get Discounts on Weddings

By: JeffreyThurber

Most couples’ weddings are the most expensive event they will ever host. You can have a private ceremony with a minister or justice of peace for a few dollars, but most people will choose to host a big event with their friends and family. This is a huge expense. There are some things you can do that will make the wedding cost more affordable. These are just a few.

Reduce the number of guests attending your reception to a minimum. There’s a good chance that there are people attending the wedding ceremony but they are not close enough to the couple to be upset if they aren’t invited to the reception. You can save lots of money by cutting them.

Be a little frugal when it comes to the reception food. Your guests don’t need to be served a 3-course meal. A buffet is a much more affordable option, and many guests actually prefer it. Some couples serve only hors-d’oeuvres, and guests will be fine with this. This can save you a lot of money.

A cost-saving measure is to skip the traditional banquet at a hotel or banquet hall. You may have a friend, family member or relative who has enough space (and a big enough heart) to host the banquet in your home. This reduces, or even eliminates, the cost of renting a room. This also allows you to bring your own beverages, which can help reduce another expense.

By being creative with your wedding photographer, you can save money. Instead of having the photographer do both the ceremony AND the reception, you can have him just focus on the ceremony. Ask your family and friends for photos during the reception. You might also be able to find a cheaper photographer if you know many people who have recently married.

You can also cut costs by avoiding the wedding planner. Most likely, someone in your family will be able to help you plan the details of your wedding. With all the information and resources on the internet, this is much easier than ever. Although it will be a difficult task for anyone who agrees to it, it will save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. It’s well worth the effort.

You can also save money on wedding invitations. You can save money on wedding invitations if someone in your family has the creative skills to design them. These invitations are not meant to be printed on cheap printer paper. Instead, there are stationery shops that can provide blank stationery for weddings that you can use to print your own computer-made designs. You can ask someone to design the design for you and then let you view it on your computer. You can choose to go with professional invitations if you aren’t happy with it.