Unique Wedding

By: JeffreyThurber

You want your wedding to stand out from all others. You must make every detail stand out in order to make your wedding unique and memorable.

  1. Include your thoughts and feelings on your wedding program. Also, tell your guests a bit about you and your wedding party.
  2. Loveville is a small town in Maryland. You can send your invitations there before anyone else because they will have special postmarks that will make your invitations stand out. For more information.
  3. To add to the uniqueness and personalization of your wedding, place personalized embroidered handkerchiefs at the places where close friends and relatives will be sitting.
  4. Before the ceremony, write a letter to close family members and friends. Have one of the ushers hand it to them. You can express your happiness, gratitude for all they have done and how grateful you are to have them as part of your life. It shows that you care and are willing to go the extra mile for them.
  5. Let the bridesmaids pick their bouquet from their favorite flowers. Your bouquet can be made from a combination of all the flowers.
  6. Each parent should participate in lighting the unity candle, to signify the union of two families.
  7. Wear something special for your loved ones who have passed away.
  8. Make your wedding day memorable. Perhaps it was the first time you met or the first time you kissed.

Make your vows 

  1. You can also choose a signature frame or platter for your wedding guest books. This will make a great keepsake you can hang on the wall or keep in a cabinet.
  2. Make sure your guests have disposable cameras so that they can capture candid photos of your wedding.
  3. You and your partner can make a signature cocktail and have it featured at the bar during your cocktail hour.
  4. A comedian can perform at your wedding reception.
  5. Place photos of the couple on each table, and then write a thank you note to each guest.
  6. Personalize wedding favors that reflect the theme of your wedding.

Take your wedding garter off. Let a little doll explain why.

  1. You should make sure that your children have their own special space. You can hire a clown or paper to entertain them.
  2. Each guest should be given a ticket upon entering the reception. There will also be drawings for small gifts.
  3. Have a childrens dance.
  4. Remember that this is your wedding day, and it will be memorable no matter what.