Wedding Catering Arlington Heights: Your Ultimate Guide

By: JeffreyThurber

Planning a wedding can feel like juggling flaming swords while riding a unicycle. One of the trickiest aspects is finding the perfect caterer. If you’re in Arlington Heights and looking to tie the knot, you’re in luck! This vibrant community offers a plethora of catering options that can make your wedding a delectable affair. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about wedding catering in Arlington Heights, from the types of cuisines available to tips for choosing the best caterer for your special day. So, let’s dive in and uncover the savory secrets of wedding catering in Arlington Heights.

Why Choose Arlington Heights for Your Wedding?

Arlington Heights, with its picturesque parks and charming venues, is an ideal spot for tying the knot. The town’s vibrant culinary scene is another big plus, offering a wide array of catering options that can cater (pun intended!) to any wedding theme or dietary preference.

The Culinary Landscape

Arlington Heights boasts a rich culinary landscape, influenced by a mix of cultures and traditions. From Italian and Mediterranean to Asian fusion and classic American, the catering services here can provide a gastronomic journey that will leave your guests raving.

Venue Variety

Whether you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding or a chic indoor celebration, Arlington Heights has a venue to match. The variety of venues means you can find a setting that perfectly complements your catering style.

Types of Wedding Catering Services

When it comes to wedding catering, Arlington Heights doesn’t disappoint. Here are some popular catering styles you can choose from:

Full-Service Catering

Full-service catering is the gold standard for weddings. These caterers handle everything from setting up the dining area to serving meals and cleaning up afterward. They offer a stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying your big day.

Buffet-Style Catering

Buffet-style catering is a versatile and cost-effective option. It allows guests to serve themselves and choose from a variety of dishes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. This style is perfect for more casual weddings where mingling and movement are encouraged.

Food Stations

Food stations add an interactive element to your wedding. These stations can be themed around different cuisines or food types, such as a sushi bar, taco station, or dessert table. They offer a fun and engaging way for guests to enjoy their meal.

Plated Dinners

For a more formal affair, plated dinners are the way to go. Each guest is served a pre-selected meal, usually consisting of an appetizer, main course, and dessert. This style adds a touch of elegance and ensures a seamless dining experience.

Cocktail-Style Reception

If you’re looking for something unique, a cocktail-style reception might be the answer. This involves serving a variety of hors d’oeuvres and small bites that guests can enjoy while mingling. It’s a great option for more modern, laid-back weddings.

Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Caterer

Choosing the right caterer is crucial to the success of your wedding. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

Do Your Research

Start by compiling a list of potential caterers in Arlington Heights. Look for reviews and testimonials online, and ask for recommendations from friends or wedding planners.

Schedule Tastings

Never underestimate the importance of tastings. Schedule tastings with your top caterers to sample their offerings and see if they align with your vision and taste preferences.

Check for Flexibility

Weddings can be unpredictable, so it’s important to choose a caterer who is flexible and can adapt to last-minute changes. Ask potential caterers how they handle unexpected situations.

Consider Your Budget

Catering can be one of the most significant expenses in a wedding. Make sure to discuss your budget upfront and see if the caterer can work within your financial constraints. Look for hidden fees or extra charges that might pop up.

Review Their Portfolio

Ask to see a portfolio of their previous work. This can give you a sense of their style and capabilities. Pay attention to presentation as well as the variety of dishes they offer.

Ask About Special Diets

Make sure your caterer can accommodate special dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or allergies. It’s important to ensure all your guests can enjoy the meal without any issues.

FAQs About Wedding Catering in Arlington Heights

What is the average cost of wedding catering in Arlington Heights?

The cost of wedding catering can vary widely depending on the type of service, the menu, and the number of guests. On average, you can expect to spend between $50 to $150 per person.

How far in advance should I book my wedding caterer?

It’s advisable to book your caterer at least six to twelve months in advance. This ensures you have enough time to plan the menu and make any necessary adjustments.

Can I customize the menu with local dishes?

Absolutely! Many caterers in Arlington Heights pride themselves on incorporating local flavors and dishes into their menus. Discuss your preferences with your caterer to create a personalized menu.

What are the most popular cuisines for wedding catering in Arlington Heights?

Italian, Mediterranean, and American cuisines are among the most popular for wedding catering in Arlington Heights. However, the town’s diverse culinary scene means you can find almost any type of cuisine you desire.

Should I tip my wedding caterer?

Tipping is generally expected in the catering industry. The standard tip is around 15-20% of the total catering bill. Make sure to check if gratuity is already included in your contract.

The Importance of Presentation

Presentation plays a critical role in wedding catering. It’s not just about the taste; how the food looks can significantly impact your guests’ experience. Here are some presentation tips to consider:

Elegant Displays

Use elegant serving dishes and platters to present the food. This adds a touch of sophistication to your wedding.

Themed Decor

Incorporate themed decorations that match your wedding theme. For example, if you’re having a beach-themed wedding, use seashells and sand dollars as part of the table settings.

Interactive Elements

Consider adding interactive elements like a carving station or a live cooking demonstration. This can create a memorable experience for your guests.

Attention to Detail

Pay attention to small details like garnishes and plating. These little touches can make a big difference in the overall presentation.


Planning your wedding catering Arlington Heights doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right approach and a bit of research, you can find a caterer who will make your special day unforgettable. Remember to consider your budget, do thorough research, and choose a style that matches your wedding vision. From full-service catering to interactive food stations, Arlington Heights offers a variety of options that can cater to any wedding style.

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