You the Wedding Are You a Match?

By: JeffreyThurber

It was the surprise of your life! You said yes to your boyfriend’s request to marry you. Everyone you know now that the initial excitement is over has settled down a little.

he has been asking. “So when is it? “, “Where are you getting married?” There are many other questions you might not know the answers to. You might not even know the answer.

You may not know what type of wedding you desire yet. Perhaps the thought of getting married on a white sandy beach with your closest friends and loved ones has crossed your mind. You have probably already thought of it.

Here are some ideas to help you decide on a destination wedding

Guest List

  1. Destination weddings may not be possible for all your friends and family. If you’re the type of person who is upset when others can’t make it, then this may be for you.
  2. If you are unable to attend your wedding, then moving away from it may not be the best idea. Most likely, your closest friends and family will be able make it.
  3. If they are ill, can’t travel, or have financial constraints, a wedding away might prove difficult for them. Many couples host a small reception.
  4. Back in the States for their friends and family who couldn’t make it to the ceremony. This is a great way for you to share your video and photos with others.
  5. They feel as if they were part of the wedding. Sometimes, a bride or groom discovers that most of their family and friends are already scattered about.
  6. The world is a vast place and people will travel all over the world to attend their wedding. Why not make it more like a vacation for everyone? 


  1. Another consideration is the location of your wedding. People want to get married in a beautiful and romantic setting, whether it’s at a church or their home.
  2. back yard. A destination wedding is the best option for romantic and beautiful location. If location is important to you, then this is the place for you.
  3. A beautiful wedding is a great choice. Traditional weddings are a good choice if your dream location isn’t on your top list.
  4. You may also consider getting married.

Communication and planning 

  1. Sometimes communication can be delayed between vendors and resorts when planning a destination wedding. These resorts are busy hosting weddings for many.
  2. Brides may be contacted multiple times per day. You may not get a response from the photographer or wedding coordinator right away. If you need immediate assistance
  3. If you are a vendor, the planning of your destination wedding can be frustrating. These resorts and vendors are my clients all the time. There can be delays.
  4. During the planning process. It all works out the way it should. If you’re okay with some delays, as long as everything gets done properly,
  5. You might consider a destination wedding.

Wedding Day Details

  1. Weddings are romantic and beautiful. However, due to the warm climates and certain resort packages, flowers can droop a bit.
  2. The cake might start to melt a bit before the ceremony. It doesn’t happen every time, but it can. These details could make you angry or bring you to tears.
  3. You may not want to marry away. You may not want to marry away if you realize that some details might not go as planned.
  4. Destination weddings are a great fit for you.


  1. A destination wedding requires a lot of planning. It takes a lot of organization to plan a wedding. You can get married
  2. You are responsible for coordinating travel, negotiating group rates, and sending out save-the-date cards. There are many other decisions you will need to make.
  3. Destination weddings are possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re not organized. Many, many talented destination wedding planners are available to assist you.
  4. With all these details. You wouldn’t take your friend to get a tooth pulled (I hope), but I do know that you would not go to a friend to have it done. You can get your car fixed at the following address:
  5. You probably won’t take it to the Vet to have it fixed. Your vet might be good at fixing cars. Mine is not. Hire a destination wedding planner to save time and stress. They
  6. We will manage the organization so you can focus on your other tasks.