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First, love is followed by marriage. This is similar to the first ceremony and then the reception. This is the traditional order of events, but it is increasingly popular to have reception-only celebrations. From wording the invitations to finding the perfect venue, we can help you plan a memorable reception.

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You can have your ceremony and your reception separately. This is a great way for you to extend your celebrations or have more people in attendance. A sequel wedding is a ceremony that has a party after it. This is a very popular idea, as you can see by the technical term.

Many couples choose to have smaller ceremonies that are followed by parties later in a day, the next day or weeks, or even months apart. If you are looking for more wedding photos, it is common to have your two events at different locations.

A sequel event is a great option if you only want children to attend a part of your celebration. Party-only invites are very popular after a destination wedding ceremony. Due to the many health guidelines that were issued in 2020, there was a significant increase in the number of intimate ceremonies, mini-monies, and elopements. This was a major problem for many people who felt it prevented them from celebrating their dreams. They decided to have a bigger party at a later time, which would allow them to continue their celebrations.

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We can help if that is you! With our all-inclusive packages with-or-without-ceremony, our team of wedding professionals can plan a reception-only wedding for you. We have 50 venues across the country and can customize packages to make your wedding day special.

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It’s important to reserve your venue in advance if you plan to host a reception for 2021 or 2022. Many couples are looking for venues to host their celebrations in the near future. We offer both virtual and in-person tours of all our event and party locations, depending on what is most convenient for you.

Reception-only celebrations after marriage can provide additional savings that you can use to pay your rent or mortgage, family or pets, as well as for a larger, more extravagant party.


As you would for your ceremony, choose your guests and then divide them into A and B lists. You must be firm about who is invited. Etiquette dictates that all guests who attended your ceremony should be invited to your reception. But it is important to remember that it’s your wedding and your rules. Be as clear as possible when writing your invitations. This is how we like it:

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  • Emily and Michael will wed in a small ceremony
  • Saturday, October 6
  • We invite you to join us at the wedding reception
  • Saturday, October 20

For a simpler, less formal version:

  • Wedding Reception to Celebrate the Wedding of
  • Jason Ward and Irene Ellington
  • on Thursday, June 10

It is important to respond honestly and politely to questions from guests who are not invited to the reception.

Please explain if you have already said your vows, taken a mini-mony or celebrated at an event previously. Now you are throwing a wedding party to celebrate your love ones.

Many people find it easier to get together now that travel restrictions have been lifted in many cases.

Tell your guests why you chose your date for the larger celebration. They love to know what you are up to!

Make sure your guests are aware of what to expect. Are you more formal or informal? Do you plan to have a formal or informal reception? Even if you have not seen your guests since your vows, this is a great way to start a party.

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If you’re expecting wedding gifts, make sure to include the registry information on your invite or website.