Vanessa Bryant shares a wedding photo

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Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant were married for nearly 20 years. He tragically died on January 26, 2020 at the age of 41. The NBA legend, along with his 13-year old daughter Gianna “Gigi”, died in a helicopter accident over Calabasas. Before his death, Kobe often spoke about his marriage with Vanessa, and his duties as father. The couple would have celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on April 18, 2021.

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To commemorate the occasion, Vanessa posted an unusual photo of their wedding on Instagram. She wrote, “Happy anniversary, baby,” and included a photo of her husband kissing her. I love you. 20 years.” Although she couldn’t be there with her husband, Jeff Leatham, a celebrity florist, gifted Vanessa roses and floral arrangements to add beauty and life to her home. Vanessa was particularly pensive at the anniversary. She also shared footage of Bryant talking about their relationship. She added, “I love and cherish you for now, forever, and for ever @kobebryant.”

What happened to Kobe and Vanessa?

Kobe, then 20, was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, his life team, at the time he met Vanessa, who was just 17 years old. They met while filming the music video for Tha Eastsidaz’s “G’d Up” in 1999. (Vanessa Urbieta Cornejo Laine was nee Vanessa Urbieta Cornejo Laine at the time and Kobe said it was love at first glance. Bryant, who died in 2009, said that it’s difficult to know what makes someone the right person for you. But you just know.” Love is funny. It’s hard to explain and it’s difficult for me to understand. All I know is that she captured my heart and I knew she was the right one.

Kobe and Vanessa were able to keep relics of their meeting-cute. The athlete uploaded the photos to Instagram in April 2013. The film Kobe Bryant’s Muse shows Bryant looking back at his love story. Bryant was only three years old when he made the film. He recalled, “Yes, I did have a budding career as a rapper.” It didn’t last very long, but I did make one video. Vanessa was my first encounter on the video set. It was a two day shoot. I was constantly looking for her. After finishing a take, I would go to my trailer and wonder where she was. In between takes, I would get out of my trailer and want to chat with her again. The couple got engaged when Vanessa turned 18 years old.

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How they fell in love

“She was simply beautiful. It was amazing that we did all this together. We did everything together. “I thought I was a big dork, because I loved Disneyland,” Kobe Bryant added. “I loved Disney movies and other things, but I never had the chance to visit the park often.” We used to hang out at Disneyland together, and she used to take me to Magic Mountain. She became my best friend.

Lower Merion, Pennsylvania native Bryant had found someone who would stick by him like glue. Bryant stated, “It was very different for me to have somebody that was so close to me, because I had grown up in isolation.” “I moved from one place to another, making new friends every day, so I never really opened my heart to anyone because I knew that I would inevitably move… But, now, living in Los Angeles, and feeling like I was going to be a Laker for life, I met this beautiful woman with whom I see the world in the same way.”

Details of the wedding of Vanessa Bryant and Kobe Bryant

The couple were married at St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church, Dana Point, California on April 18, 2001. The nuptials were not witnessed by the groom’s parents or his Lakers teammates. According to reports, Kobe’s parents, Joe, and Pam did not support the marriage because of several factors. They also claimed that Vanessa’s background (she is a mixture of Mexican, German and Irish) was a problem.

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The couple’s wedding day is not known much beyond that. A few months later, Vanessa took a photo of Bryant’s 19th wedding anniversary. “Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary baby. She wrote, “I miss you so much.” “I wish that you could hold me in your arms. You are my love.”

Kobe Bryant & Vanessa’s Separation

2003 was a scandalous year for Kobe. Although he was cleared of the charges, the scandal that Kobe was facing in 2003 was still a real possibility.

Kobe strongly denied the accusations of the accuser. “You are my backbone. You are a blessing. You are a part of my heart. You are the air that I breathe. He said, “You’re the strongest person that I know. I’m so sorry I had to put you through all this and have to put our family through it.” “I’m innocent. Together, my wife and me and our family will fight these false allegations.”

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His wife gave a formal statement as well and said to the media: “He is a loving, kind husband and father. I believe in his innocence. I believe he is innocent. We will face it together because I stand with him.