Cherie Infused Armenian Traditions into Her Wedding

By: JeffreyThurber

Kristine Agabaian met Jivan Najarian at a jewelry convention. Both were entrepreneurs (she is a fashion blogger and he is the CEO of Tidy Tool), and they discovered their common love for Armenians. She recalls that they became close friends following the weekend. “Then, we began dating a year later.”

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They had a “Mini” Church Ceremony

Armenian weddings are usually held in a church setting. This led to the couple having an additional ceremony to honour the tradition. Kris explains that an Armenian Orthodox priest cannot perform a wedding ceremony outside a church unless they have been married in the church. Jivan and Kris had their mini-church ceremony with our family to respect this rule while still being able to hold our outdoor ceremony. This was just a few days before Jivan and I were due to marry.

They put family first

Armenian marriages are often involving family members at every stage. The couple loved integrating their families in different ways. She says, “We didn’t necessarily break any traditions.” “We wanted our wedding reflect who we are as a couple while also respecting tradition and our parents’ wishes.” Our parents were both so pleased with how everything turned out.”

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The wedding was also attended by the family, which included the groom’s cousins and three of their flower girls. Kris laughs, “The youngest… She got nervous when it was her turn down the aisle and refused to walk.” “She flipped the basket over and dumped all the petals in one place. She turned around and said, in Armenian, “There, it was possible.” She was cheered on by everyone who laughed, and she continued walking down the street. One spot on the aisle was covered in a pool of petals. We still laugh when we look at the videos from that moment.

They shared a traditional Armenian “First Look” (with a twist)

Armenian weddings often include a “first look” between the groom and bride. The moment will be held at the home of her parents. The bride will get ready at home, while the groom and his family will bring baskets filled with gifts to the home. The father of the bride will take her to the groom’s house for a lively celebration. The day begins with revelry, folk music, and the first glance. The couple and their friends then head to church.

Agabaian says, “We did it differently.” She wore Monique Liullier on her wedding day. The beauty and antiquity of the Hummingbird Nest Ranch’s bridal suite and pool are breathtaking! We wanted to make the most of the space. Instead of going the traditional route, we decided to take our first look there with live musicians and our friends. It didn’t include gift-wrapped hampers or any other extras. It was more about us and less complicated. The way we did things was loved by our parents even more.

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The Couple Hired an Armenian Caterer

Armenians are known for their abundance and cultural diversity. Naturally, the couple hired an Armenian wedding caterer in order to show their Armenian cuisine through 16 appetizers and four main courses, all served family-style.

She recalls that Anoush Catering offered Armenian and Middle Eastern Mezze (a variety of small dishes) along with main dishes. They changed the presentation and recipes a little. The traditional Mezze platter usually includes dips such as hummus and baba Ganoush along with fresh vegetables and lavash. These dishes were used, and we also included a charcuterie platter with various salads. We loved it… Both of our families were thrilled that the Armenian catering was provided.

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And An Armenian Pastry Chef

Rafi Dekraminjian, of Rafis Cakes, Glendale, California was commissioned by the couple to create their stunning wedding cake. He is known for his unique designs and innovative twists on Armenian bread and confections. Kris Cherie says, “The design was simple with the flowers spiraling down.” “We had two flavors, hazelnut and pissachio.”