Couples with “Lab-Grown Diamond” Rings

By: JeffreyThurber

Lab-grown diamond are just as beautiful and striking as their natural counterparts. It’s no surprise that lab-grown diamonds are becoming a popular choice for engagement rings. Lab-grown diamonds are available in almost every style and shape, and they can often be less expensive than the earth diamonds. Even better? You can feel confident about the origin of lab-created diamonds. They are conflict-free, sustainably grown in environmentally-friendly foundries. What are lab-grown diamonds and what makes them an excellent alternative to mined diamonds.

It’s no surprise that lab-grown diamonds are made in laboratories. High-tech equipment is used to replicate the high pressure and high temperatures required to make earth diamonds. Brittany Bozmoski Kohnke explains that lab-grown and natural diamonds share identical physical, chemical and optical properties. Lab diamonds are made from carbon and graded using the same 4C estate standards that mined diamonds. But unlike mined ones, lab diamonds don’t take billions of year to form. In fact, they only take a few weeks. Another benefit? Another perk?

You will find the perfect lab-grown diamond ring for any budget, whether you are looking for classic solitaires or modern settings.

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Brilliant Earth Selene is the Best Three-Stone Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

A stunning emerald-shaped and two round-cut diamonds combine to make a beautiful black engagement ring. This delicate setting has a thin band which highlights the precious stones and flatters your finger.

Setting: Claw prong basket

For Traditional Brides: VRAI Signature Oval-Cut Lab-Grown Diamond ring

This oval-cut lab-diamond engagement ring is simple but striking. It’s perfect for traditional brides who love classic shapes. A shimmering pave band is a great choice if you want a bit more glamour and glitz. This piece can also be made in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

Most popular:

Setting: Solitaire

Best Pear-Shaped Ring: Ritani Solitaire Diamond Tapered Engaging Ring With Surprise Diamonds

Pear-cut Halo Engagement rings are timeless and flattering. Their tear-drop shape also elongates the fingers for a more elegant look. Pear-cut lab grown diamonds may appear larger per carat than any other shapes. The Ritani piece is stunning and features a smooth, tapered band with hidden secrets diamonds at its base.

Setting: Solitaire

Most Glamorous: 12Fifteen diamonds duet halo radiant cut Lab-Grown Diamond engagement ring

This halo radiant-cut design is traditional with a twist. It features an accented splitband style for a unique look. This dazzling engagement ring will appeal to those who love sparkle. You can fit any type of diamond, from Asscher to marquise.

Setting: Halo, 4-prong set

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