Halo Engagement rings:

By: JeffreyThurber

Hidden Halo Engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. This tiny band of diamonds, which can be only seen from the profile and sit below the center stone, is a great way to add sparkle to your ring. This is a great way for your center stone to get a little more sparkle, and it’s subtler than traditional halo settings.

Private jeweler Hannah Florman tells Brides that hidden halo can be a great way to personalize your ring without obscuring the center stone. These small diamonds are a great way to enhance the look without spending a lot.

Halo engagement photography rings have many great benefits, but there are some things you should keep in mind before buying one. Hidden Halo engagement rings can be difficult to find a matching wedding band because they require a larger and more bulkier setting. These rings can be more fragile than others due to the smaller diamonds and higher settings. It’s still worth it for the unexpected sparkle that comes from beneath the stone.

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Most Elegant: Brilliant earth Secret Halo Engagement rings

The Brilliant Earth ring has a different look thanks to a small hidden halo beneath the center stone. It looks almost like a small ring wrapped around a regular-sized one and is very delicate.

Brilliant Earth Demi Diamond Engagement ring: Halo Engagement rings

From the top, the small shimmering halo Lab-Grown Diamond beneath the center stone is barely visible. The thin band adds sparkle.

Most Dainty: Blue Nile Petite Hidden Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring

This small and delicate engagement ring vs wedding ring has a round-cut center stone. The stone is displayed in full view thanks to the hidden halo and slight cathedral.

Most Glam: Blue Nile Petite Micropave Engagement Ring and Hidden Diamond Halo

This ring’s hidden halo isn’t as well hidden as other options. You can see it just a little bit at the top. It is designed to look like a small band of sparkling flowers and has a unique shape.

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Best Moissanite Engagement Ring: Charles & Colvard Round Hidden halo Engagement Ring

This ring is another moissanite option. It features a round-cut center stone with hidden halo. This ring feels more original thanks to its channel-set band and melee accent gems.

For the Classic Bride: A Private Label Round Ultra Thin Solitaire Hidden Ring

Hidden halo gives this classic solitaire ring a little more sparkle. A delicate band of small diamonds sits underneath the center diamond. It elevates the stone.

The Most Eye-Catching: Sylvie Spiral’s Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo

From certain angles, you can see the hidden halo beneath the center stone of this ring. It is more eye-catching and unique because of the spiral band.

DeBebians Dainty Pave Diamond Engagement Ring: Best Emerald-Cut

When looking at this ring from the top, the halo of small diamonds beneath is almost hidden by the emerald-cut center stones. This ring is even more sparkling thanks to the sparkling diamond band.

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