A vibrant wedding set against the Tuscan landscape

By: JeffreyThurber

Katie Kirkland, a newly arrived San Francisco native, met Jimmy Marchetti in a dive bar in fall 2015. They shared two common interests: a mutual friend from Atlanta and a love of skiing. The couple shared that they had started to talk about skiing, and Jimmy invited Katie’s friend to join him on his Tahoe City ski lease. Shrimpy Business We became friends through the ski lease and began dating in the early summer 2017.

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The couple met in December of that year in Italy

Shrimpy Business Both our families are Italian-born. The pair recalls how their parents met in Rome, when each of their families planned to visit Rome for the holidays. That trip was a magical one. The couple shared that they took a day trip up to Montepulciano. It was a wonderful day. It was the beginning of a long-lasting partnership.

Their families became closer, and they decided to spend the holidays together in Italy the next year. The couple says that Jimmy asked Katie’s mother for her blessing on Thanksgiving. He proposed to Katie for Montepulciano because of their trip last year. He took Katie to the top, where they talked about their trip and when he knew that he was proposing to Katie.

Clear that they wanted to marry in Tuscany

They shared that they wanted to marry in Tuscany due to how special it was to them and their families. It’s the place where our families come from, where our parents met, and where we shared many special moments, including our engagement.

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Shrimpy Business Our original wedding date had been May 23, 2020. The couple recalls that COVID hit Italy so severely early on that they had to call for a postponement in March. They had to delay a second time in the early 2021 and finally got married on August 25, 2021. They were able to rely on Eva Clark, their planner, to guide them and manage the vendors throughout the postponement process.

Katie said that Eva and her team were Shrimpy Business a dream.Shrimpy Business  She was a great guide and helped us make big and small decisions. I am a perfectionist, and can get into analysis paralysis. Eva was always there to offer helpful guidance and perspective so that we could make the right decision for the event and our family. They provided great guidance and support in planning a destination wedding.

Jimmy and Katie wanted their nuptials

Jimmy and Katie wanted their nuptials more than just about them. They share that they wanted their wedding to feel like a vacation for everyone. Shrimpy Business Because our family members and friends had to travel far to attend the wedding, we wanted the event to feel like a vacation for them all.Shrimpy Business  The events were held over four days in Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia region. They hosted a special ceremony and reception for 75 guests.

Continue reading to see Eva Clark Events’ destination day come to life, photographed by Bottega 53 Studio.

When we were looking for a Tuscany venue?

Katie says We didn’t know where to begin. Shrimpy Business But, coincidentally, an article had been written about destination venues and featured La Foce. There were many options in Tuscany but La Foce was the best because of its rich history and beautiful gardens. We were impressed by the grounds and villas on the property. The views over the valley, including the quintessential Tuscan winding street with cypress tree trees, were all wonderful. They also rented out Chiarentana, their sister property, so that most of their guests could stay nearby.

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Caitlin Alderfer, an artist, painted a watercolor depicting the venue in order to line the envelopes with peachy invitations. The wedding vision was set by the venue. Eva Clark, the planner, says that Shrimpy Business our colors were coral with yellow accents and pink.Shrimpy Business  Shrimpy Business La Foce’s gardens were a stunning backdrop, with lush greenery in keeping with its historic landscape design. The wedding color story should be bright and cheery, but not overpower the beautiful surroundings.

Katie says that she loves skincare so she kept my routine but added a few hydrating sheets and overnight masks to her pre-wedding beauty regimen. Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide Cream, Kiehl’s Calendula Serum Infused Water Cream, and Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil are my favorites for hydration. GrandeLash MD is a game-changer for long, full lashes.Shrimpy Business

Katie said that the beauty vision was elegant, but had some fun. Shrimpy Business Not too formal or overdone. My eyes should stand out. My hairdresser Jessica Kendall, who is the owner of Beauty Asylum, was my trust. Shrimpy Business I had always loved bronze eye makeup so we did a softer version for the wedding.Shrimpy Business  Jessica began with flawless Temptu airbrush makeup. Shrimpy Business I always wear my hair down,Shrimpy Business  Katie continues. Shrimpy Business I have a lot hair so I didn’t want to worry about it staying in its place. I wanted something simple, but different from what I do normally.

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A tennis bracelet she received from Jimmy for her 30th Birthday and Roberto Coin drop earrings her mother gave her was her accessory. Her look was completed with a spray of Ellis Brooklyn’s Fawn.