These 4 Reasons Why This Marine’s Wedding Photograph went Viral

By: JeffreyThurber

This photo of Maggie Edwards praying before the ceremony was one of the most talked about wedding images in the last few days. What is the point of an ultra-traditional photo of a couple at their wedding?

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Dwayne Schmidt Photography released a photo of Maggie and Caleb praying during their wedding day. It was published over Memorial Day weekend. The image seemed to have brought together the whole country in one collective “awww” moment. It was everywhere, from, Fox and Friends, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, and the Today Show.

1. It was because it was timely.

Consider this: The entire nation was at work when the photo was taken. They dedicated their weekend to thanking all those who served and have served our country. For all those who thought that the couple planned to have their big military wedding on Memorial Day weekend, you can stop thinking so. Caleb and Maggie didn’t know their Memorial Day weekend wedding was planned until they started to plan. “I had no idea,” Maggie reportedly said. “I tried to change it but we couldn’t change everything.” It just happened that way.

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2. Because it captures an American idea that is very familiar to us.

We are not talking about the white picket fence. We’re referring to something far more. This photo reflects our deepest desire to connect with each other. “This photo embodies every person’s desire to be with one individual forever,” Dr. Howard Markman (Ph.D., author of Fighting For Your Marriage) says. This is a dream that all people have around the world. Basically, we all want to live in a loving and satisfying relationship, regardless of whether or not we believe it. Comfort comes from having a partner who can help us weather the ups and downs of life. We hold on to these photos, despite America’s high divorce rate.

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3. Because tradition is still alive and well

The overwhelming positive reaction to Maggie and Calebs’ photo shows that America still values tradition. Dr. Markman says, “We value traditions here in America.” This photo is full of them. The couple prays for God to bless their marriage. Caleb specifically “prayed to God” for the incredible family he was marrying into, reports Today News. The couple is separated by a door frame so Caleb and Maggie wouldn’t see each other until they stood at the altar. Caleb’s formal blue marine uniform is the icing on this wedding cake.

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4. We see ourselves in them.

They are young, they seem in love, and they are eager to begin their marriage. We are drawn to the idea of embarking on a journey together as a couple through marriage. Refer to #1. Millions of Americans love them for that reason. Dr. Markman said, “We are rooting for them.”