How to match “A wedding band” to your engagement ring

By: JeffreyThurber

It’s a relief to have your perfect engagement ring on your finger. The ring journey isn’t over yet. Now it’s time for you to choose a wedding band to match your engagement ring.

Some engagement rings can be made by jewelry companies that also offer matching a wedding bands. However, others are not. If your ring has a distinctive center stone or is cut differently, it can be hard to find a matching band. These two rings will be worn together for many years so it is important that they flow seamlessly together.

There are many things to think about and many options. Colleen Montague is a jeweler who advised brides that the engagement ring should be the main attraction of the wedding. She suggests that you choose a wedding band that doesn’t overwhelm your engagement ring.

Here’s everything you need to know for finding the perfect  wedding band to fit around your engagement ring, including our top ring pairings!

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How to Choose a Metal

Many people believe that wedding celebrants rings and engagement rings have always been made from the same metal. It isn’t true. “Be creative! Montague suggests that you don’t have to be afraid of mixing metals and shapes. Mixing metals can give your wedding set a modern look.”

Looking for inspiration or ideas? Montague states that the most popular mix is white and yellow gold, but you can be as creative as you like. “Mixing white, yellow, and rose gold has been really stunning,” Montague explains. She also explains how adding yellow gold to an engagement ring in white gold can make it pop and look more original.

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Different types of A wedding band

Next, choose the style of  Unique Wedding Rings band that you want after you have settled on a ring type. You should consider whether your wedding band should be flush with your engagement ring or if there is a space between them. This will most likely depend on where your engagement ring is set. If the setting is prominent, such as a cathedral or other high-profile venue, there will be enough space for a wedding ring to fit snugly under the stone.

Traditional Wedding Bands

A classic wedding band is best if you don’t mind a gap between the two rings. The plain metal a wedding bands is the most basic, with no extras; the eternity a wedding bands feature pave diamonds around the band; and channel-set a wedding bands for a unique way to mount diamonds.

Infinity-style wedding bands with the infinity symbol are very popular. However, they may not be flushed with your engagement rings.

Contoured A wedding band

A band that sits below the center stone of the engagement ring might not be possible because the setting is too low. A contoured band can be used to fit flush against your ring.

The contoured wedding bands are designed to fit the curves of your engagement ring. The band’s front is designed to fit perfectly with your engagement ring. It is very common and elegant.

Notched A wedding band

A notched a wedding videographer bands is another option to achieve a flush look. A contoured wedding band may look like it was made just for your ring, which it probably was! A notched  wedding band looks more like a puzzle piece. The front is straight, with a small notch to allow the stone to fit.

Pairing Suggestions

There is no right or wrong way to find the perfect wedding photographs band and set of engagement rings. You have the option to go with the traditional and classic look of the same metals, simple bands, or opt for something unique and modern like mixed metals, or a band with embellishments.

Montague has some great suggestions for popular engagement rings cuts.

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