Best “Unique Wedding Rings” You Will Ever See

By: JeffreyThurber

Your engagement ring may not be the only piece of jewelry that you will wear on your wedding day. However, your wedding band should be equally special. There are many ways to stand out with your wedding band. Gone are the days when gold rings were simple and plain. The engagement ring is a promise. But the Unique Wedding Rings seals it. It’s important that you consider unique details when choosing a wedding ring. Michelle Fantaci, a jewelry designer, spoke with us along with Connie Hung, Costante founder. “The nature of unique or one-of-a-kind is that the metal and gemstone options, as well as style options, could be any option within the realm of possibility.” It’s beautiful to commemorate your love story with a unique and meaningful ring.

Apart from two-toned or multiple metal options, unique unique wedding rings can use different shapes such as squares or hexagons. Fantaci says she has used trillions of trapezoids and hexagons to create original designs. However, some clients prefer traditional emeralds or round cuts. The price of the diamond depends on many factors. There are many options available for couples, depending on their budget. Connie Hung says that wedding bands start at $500 for a basic 14k-gold band, and can go up to $50,000 for fully Gemstone Institute of American-certified diamond eternity rings.

You can make your unique wedding rings stand out with a variety of design discover the elements. These are just a few of the many design options that can make your unique wedding rings stand out.

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Metals in two tones or brushed unique wedding rings

  • Unique wedding rings shapes
  • Engravings and etchings
  • Distinctive gemstones.

It’s about choosing the right combinations to make your wedding jewellery unique. These 56 options will help you get started.

Jane Taylor Meets Arrows Yellow Gold Ring with White Topaz

You can switch up the traditional circular band by using a double-ended, arrow band. The ends don’t meet at the middle. This yellow gold band looks stunning with white topaz.

Lizzie Mandler’s Gold Knife Edge Ring with Black and White Pave

A white diamond pave may seem like the only choice. This ring is made of 18kt gold with a knife edge, black diamonds, and white diamonds.

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Michael M Platinum Pave Band

This stunning design loves playing with a wedding band diamond placement. This band is a dream, with a combination of resilient white gold and partial pave.

Harry Kotlar Crisscross Platinum Band with Melee Diamonds

This dazzling band will make you platinum. This ring is glamorous with its criss-cross design and amazing pave details.

Blue Nile Openwork Alternating Infinity Twist Eternity ring

This elegant infinity twist band is captivating with its mesmerizing movement. There are many beautiful features that you will fall in love with, including pave-set white diamonds set on a 14k gold band.

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