10 Best Wedding Photography Ideas

By: JeffreyThurber

Goofy socks

This is one unique idea for a Wedding Photography that’s perfect for the groom or his friends. There are so many variations. They can be matching socks or cartoonish with superheroes.

Your Wedding Bouquet

A wedding bouquet is an important accessory for every bride. To give emphasis to the wedding bouquet and the bride, I prefer to photograph these photos on a monochromatic background.

Nearly Done

Nothing is better than a before-the-scenes photo of the groom or bride getting ready to perform the ceremony. You can place many people in a small room by using natural light and an angle lens.

Groom’s Final Preparedness

This idea for wedding photography is perfect for the wildest men. While you are getting ready to go out, get a group shot with your friends. This will allow you to finish the preparations. Each person should have a task. You might have someone tie your shoes and another man do your hair.

Behind the door

The groom cannot see the bride before the ceremony. However, there is nothing to stop him from reaching out and holding her hand while he reveals his feelings.

Flowers and bridesmaids

Flowers arrangements are just one example of all the details that are so important for a wedding. Photograph the bride’s elegant bouquet and the flower bracelets of her bridesmaids. You can take it outdoors or indoors as you get ready to go for the ceremony.

Reading Letters

You can write each other love letters, explaining the importance of the day, and then exchange them before the ceremony.

Waiting for your Guests

If you don’t have anyone in the room where your wedding is to be celebrated, use this opportunity to take multiple photos through the windows.

Before saying YES

This is a must-have wedding photo that shows you walking to and from the altar while everyone else looks at you.

Mother’s Day Gift

For photos that convey a certain emotional vibe, you can use black and white filters. This is a great option for photos with people crying or laughing.

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